Faculty of Architecture – Architecture Department 2020-2021 Summer Term


Greetings everyone! I am Architect and today I have the pleasure of hosting this and delivering the thank you speech to teachers who have made us what we are today. This is a very emotional time for all of us because, on one hand, we are moving towards a new life. On the other hand, we are leaving our favorite place, our school, where we spent the most formative years of our lives.
I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of our professors and Our teachers are a symbol of our strength and will always be a wonderful source of support for us all. They are tough in the form of fathers and loving in the form of mothers, caring for us as if we were friends, strict disciplinarians but always looking out for us. Our teachers are great individuals who have shaped us after our parents and made us wise to deal with the world. We’ve accepted everything and worked hard to overcome our flaws as a team.
In comparison to other students, I found it more difficult to complete my projects and assignments. You took extra time to prepare me for the real world’ and paid close attention to me. I recall a time in class fall term 2018 when I had given up all hope. You all encouraged me in your own unique way and shared stories of great people who rose to fame after adversity.
On behalf of myself and my classmates, I would like to express my gratitude to all of the Teachers who helped us in our journey.


Faculty of Architecture – Architecture Department 2021-2022 Fall Term

Abdelaziz Mohamed Elaawag

‏When I graduated from my high-school, my choice was limited and the time was short to choose the university, but I still cling to my dream of studying architecture because life is a architecture , every day we live and all the details of life if we look into it are originally an architecture, design and ideas
‏ is attributed to everything in life, the first day of the first semester I was afraid and nervous about architecture, although I love architecture, and it was a dream to become an architect, and despite all the fears and despite all the difficulties that I was far from my family and my country, I challenged everything in order to become an architect. I had a lot of ideas in my head.
‏ I worked so hard to make my dreams come true the university and the doctors helped me very much, and I thank them very much for everyday that they supported me in my studying period and helped me and gave me what I deserve. When I came to Cyprus, I didn’t know what was waiting for me
‏ and how is the architecture education. What should i start with what is the basics , then I learned everything and now I graduated with superior and I know all the details and basics , thanks to the doctors, the university and the people who helped me. I got to know many friends from different countries, cultures and the environment and I learned how to deal with them and how everyone has amazing ideas and new habits and they became my second family. We help each other in anything and everything , I learned from them New things and they learned from me. We helped us in studying and during classes. They were the most beautiful thing that happened to me after studying architecture and the specialization that I loved all my life. During a period of 4 years, I graduated with a high rate, and thank God now I am a graduate of Near East University.

‏I would like to thank all the people working in the faculty of architecture, the dean, the professors, the doctors, and everyone who helped and supported me during my study period life and during all these years. I want to thank God for this beautiful opportunity
‏This is a beautiful experience and a memory that I will never forget throughout my life. I will always be grateful to you all.

I will really miss cyprus and the near east university and all my friends here and doctors. Thank you.


Faculty of Architecture – Architecture Department 2021-2022 Fall Term

Akram Abed Alwahad

First of all:
Thanks to everyone who made an effort to make us reach to this stage from ( doctors, family, friends ) and help us to become an architects,
* Second:
it was a journey full of everything new and different, unlike what I wasn’t familiar when I started on this path;
as we know that the architect must know everything,
For example: in the medical, recreational, cultural, educational and residential, etc..
From this point comes the diversity of work, design, knowledge and thought, and this is what distinguishes this specialization from the rest of other departments;
It combines ( engineering and art) ,
And allows to each an architect his own way of design and creativity.
* Last but not least:
I am very happy with what I have achieved,
As this is one of the goals I was striving for.
Also I wish to my teachers and friends all the best and success forever.
Best regards.


Faculty of Architecture – Architecture Department 2020-2021 Fall Term

Khalifa Ya’u Hamzari

Special Thanks to “Near East University” and my “Faculty & Department of Architecture,” as well as all of my instructors and advisers, for their help in achieving my “Degree.” I couldn’t have done it without individuals like you who encouraged me to believe in myself when I felt it was impossible. I can’t express my gratitude enough. It is because of people like you that I am chasing my ambition.
I am really thankful to my parents, “Alh Ya’u Hamzari and Hadiza Ali Yusuf,” Ramat Polytechnic Maiduguri, and all family and friends for their contributions to my education.
I will cherish the time we spent together and remember your compassion. Without your assistance, I would not be where I am now.
!!!Thank you very much!!!.


Faculty of Architecture – Architecture Department 2020-2021 Fall Term


It amazing that we are finally here! Throughout the years, I have often thought about this moment. How it would feel to be with all of you, in our caps and gowns, finally graduating. I remember as a child, thinking about what I would look like when I was “all grown up,” how I would act, who I would love and what kind of person I would become. And now here it all is, we’re ready, we’re Architects , and I couldn’t be more thrilled or scared! We go through this years metamorphosis, and then one day, we wake up and its over, We’re ready to face all that life has to throw at us, to make a life for ourselves, outside of college , to go to Professional life,
in the end thanks to all my family to their support they always stand with me In the bad time before the good time and I would like to thanks all the professors who inspired me, who believes in me and who put all their efforts to let me reach this stage and also Thanks to all my friends I wish them all success in their lives
Best regards….


Faculty of Architecture – Architecture Department 2020-2021 Fall Term


There are moments and situations in our lives that cannot be forgotten, including university days. We realized their value after graduation. How many times did we hope to finish our long journey … and now as a graduate student I hope that those days will return back with all their details. I believe that I will not forget all my own share of excitement and stories that created in the boundaries of the University with my friends   Starting from each little space at the campus where I had a memorable story in it , for instance  library, architecture faculty, Eğitim Sarayı , and every spaces in the university

Before three years I decided to Study Architecture at Near East University, it was a long journey full of efforts and staying up late tonight’s ..moments of challenges to reach a goal and achieve a dream .this was my dream, and I finally achieve it.. a long-awaited moment dream comes true after 14 years of striving, diligence and perseverance to achieve it. I am now an architect, feeling numerous warring emotions filled with a great sense of happiness and accomplishment, hope to open my own office and start my profession,

As a student of architecture, I can never forget a very different experience from any other majors. Starting from the teaching style, the lectures, the projects with their juries and critiques not forgetting the site visits, and the models making, it was a journey full of obstacles and difficulties, the feelings of years of effort, laughing, crying, inspirations with friends, and much, much more.  Thank God. I graduated as the top student of the department with a CGPA 4/4, Thanks to my professors, doctors, teachers for their support and assistance, they’ve believed in me, taught me to believe in myself, that is a thing which I’ll keep in my mind for the whole of my life, to thank my family for their never-ending support and belief in me, also thanks to everyone who taught, helped support, and inspired me to achieve my dream. Everyone whom I learned from even a little in my academic journey, everyone who was part of my success today, thanks all of them.

Every end has a new beginning, from today I maybe finished my academic life but I will start a new life, full of ambitions and hard work to be a successful architect, so I believe my learning story will actually start from today. The most important thing I learned from my journey towards achieving my dream, that when I have a dream, I must fight to reach it with knowing the value of every moment and live it to the fullest, and for sure God will give me the pleasure of achieving it.


Faculty of Architecture – Architecture Department 2020-2021 Fall Term

Graduate: Ismail Ghazaleh-Eniya

Studying architecture here at Near East University was a choice I made before 4 years, it was a long journey full of challenges to achieve my dream. after 4 years of striving, staying up late to nights, and perseverance, I am now an architect, and as one of the top students in my department preparing myself to continue my master’s degree. As a student of architecture, I had a very different experience. Starting from the teaching style, the projects with their juries and critiques not forgetting the site visits, the lectures, moving to the models making was really different from any other department.

Talking from a graduating student’s perspective, I believe that the stories created in the boundaries of the University have been equally helpful to the graduates. Everyone has had his own share of excitement and stories that they will carry along with their life. Starting from each little space at the campus of the university where we had a memorable story in it (the Faculty. library. Eğitim Sarayı. the good and the bad moments and every single moment.

I would like to thank my professors, doctors, and teachers who spent their time and energy to teach us, that is a thing which we’ll keep it in our minds for the whole of our life, without them I could not make it this far, to thank my family for their never-ending support and belief in me, I am thankful to all of you.

The most important advice that my father told me and I am working on until I reach here, that ” DO NOT BE LAZY”, and I am sure that this advice will be really helpful for us as graduated students if and only if we took it in consideration.



As someone who came straight from high school Near East University is a big part of my growing up in terms of maturity. it matured me in ways I didn’t even think was possible for example Near East University helped me build my confidence, made me realize that we were all different in our own ways which is a good thing when you find out what makes you different and unique and concentrate on that. I could say near East made me find my style, I am thankful to Near East for the creation of favourable conditions for successful personal growth and the opportunity to reveal my creative and intellectual potential.

The university gave me unforgettable student years. Getting to know amazing people from different countries and the best lecturers. Thanks to the university, I have more confidence, received a lot of knowledge, and gained friends!

I’ll like to thank all the professors who inspired me, taught me to love architecture even more, believed in me, and helped me become who I am today I’ll be forever grateful.


Faculty of Architecture – Architecture Department 2020-2021 Fall Term

Graduate Architect Ahmed Mansour.

It was one of my dreams to become an architect and now it’s true, I really proud of this achievement that I have done, and also to get this opportunity from Near East University makes it had more successful also having valuable teaching staff Those who benefited from it on the educational and professional level, as well as there, are those who affected my personality and my style of thinking positively, as well as making new good friendships, this was a great thing for me also having memories at university that I do not think I will forget all my life and I will be happy when it comes to mind. Also, the education and support I got from the teachers and my colleges. It was a wonderful time for me. I send my respects and greetings to my respected teachers and friends and I wish them all success in their lives…Best Regards.


Mhmoud El Doukhi

First of all i would like to congratulate all the students for graduating in this semester Fall 2020-2021. For me I absolutely had no idea of what architecture is growing up, literally nothing, nada. When highschool was over and I had to choose what to pursue, looking back I had no idea what came over me to choose architecture to which I had no idea about, so I enrolled architecture. Freshmen year, definitely hard, I was lost, it was like going in blind to all the rules of the game, especially in architecture most lessons are hands-on. I had to learn on my own. I had to learn how to love what it is. My passion for it came naturally as I venture into this world of architecture. It wasn’t forced, it wasn’t something that I was obligated to do or finish. And now, I’m finally an architect. Thanks to all the instructors who have instructed me through my undergraduate studies and to my family my biggest supporter.