Faculty of Architecture at Near East University was founded in 1993. During the first few years the Faculty carried out its education facilities just focusing on architecture as a single department. Sometime later, Department of Interior Architecture (in 2003), and Department of Landscape Architecture (in 2008) were also added to the Faculty. At the same time, Main Branches of Architecture and Interior Architecture became operational at the Graduate School of Applied Sciences.

Currently, there are around 1000 students studying at the undergraduate and postgraduate programs of Architecture, Interior Architecture and Landscape Architecture.

Besides contributing to science and art of architecture throughout the studies carried out by our undergraduate and postgraduate studies, we provide professional service to the community in issues related to architecture.

Our vision is merging traditions in the fields of Architecture, Interior Architecture and Landscape Architecture with international cutting-edge developments in the light of science and art philosophy; and organizing activities to bring them forward.

Our mission is contributing advances in the field of architectural sciences and arts by levitating contemporary education, at the same time providing means to raise competent professionals and academicians.As a part of our educationional activities; we share our knowledge and research carried out on fields of architecture, conduct planning and design of national and international congresses, conferences, seminars, and workshops; also participate in activities organized by other institutions.

The mission of the Faculty is to train students who adopted ethical values and equipped with professional knowledge, to educate competent architectures to fulfill the requirements of society and to sustain the research and improvement programs in the field of science and art.

The vision of the Faculty is to follow the latest international improvements on philosophy of science and art, and to organize and carry out organizations related to Architecture and Interior Design.

Prof. Dr. Zeynep ONUR
Dean of Faculty of Architecture