Department of Interior Architecture
Department of Interior Architecture

Internship Supervisors

INAR100-Ayşegül Yurtyapan Salimi

INAR200-Gaye Anıl

INAR300-Hasan Altan


IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT ON INTERNSHIPS by the decision of the Board of Directors on 20 MARCH 2021

1- The preconditions of internship courses for each other have been abolished

2- The preconditions of internship courses for the diploma project have been removed.

3- Internship can be done during the education period. (Since the internship, which is 21 working days, will be carried out outside the class hours, the daily internship time can be calculated and spread over the semester)

4- Students who will graduate can complete all internships in the spring semester of 2020-2021.

NEW Entire internship process

Internship Practice Guide

Internship Practice Guide

Intership Practice Application Form